Mark Mills

Retail Marketing Manager



This was my first position where I truly felt a passion for the brand that I was working with.  PUMA was the alternative sportswear brand and as such looked to try to do things differently.  This provided a great challenge and opportunity for me to stretch my wings and embrace the difficulties that underdog brands experience.

I was part of the team that was charged with adopting and adapting internationally driven retail marketing campaigns into the UK market.  This meant working closely with key UK based accounts such as JD Sport, JJB and Allsports as well as more iconic retailers such as Harrods and Selfridges.

During my time there we were able to move both the sports and fashion sides of the business forward considerably including landing World Cup campaigns in all key retailers, relaunching the Clyde trainer into SIZE? and negotiating and delivering a Ferrari installation into Harrods.

My appreciation for the power and importance of retail marketing developed across my three years in this role and my ability to concurrently manage multiple complex projects flourished.

I feel that even to this day this role plays a pivotal part in what I am able to bring to the organisations I now work with.  I have fond memories of this position and the projects that I worked on during my time there.