Mark Mills

National Account Manager

Levi Strauss + Co


Joining Levi’s was an eye-opener and gave me a great insight into the management of one of the world’s biggest brands.  The two years I spent at Levi’s provided me with the greatest education one can receive on what a brand is and how to manage it properly.

Levi’s is one of the world’s most iconic brands and this isn’t going to change anytime soon.  The heritage of that brand is infused into every single member of staff from day one.  This leaves you feeling like you are taking custody of something very special and if the staff feel this way it isn’t long until the consumer does.

We didn’t sell products we told stories.  It was these stories that the consumer translated into their own lives that made the brand so successful.  My passion for the brand was and still is high.

I was charged with looking after John Lewis and Shop Direct.  This was the second biggest income portfolio in the UK for Levi’s, equating to nearly £15m turnover per annum.  During my time in control of these accounts, we increased their pre-booked stock by 25% and reshaped their business so that Levi’s had more predictability for future orders whilst the accounts missed fewer sales through out-of-stock situations.

If I hadn’t had such an urge to venture out on my own I think I would still be within Levi’s.  It was a great brand to work with and it has provided me with a playbook on how to build and maintain a successful consumer-focused brand.