Mark Mills

Lifestyle Account Manager



PUMA is a world class brand with some amazing people driving it forward, particularly in the UK.  After establishing myself in the brand I made the move from marketing to sales.

Now, anyone that has ever worked with me knows that you will always get honesty, even if it might not be what you want to hear.  This includes being honest with myself and being honest, in hindsight, this move probably wasn’t the best one for my career at the time.

Yes, moving back to sales meant more money for me, but it also took me away from my passion and where I am best utilised which is being strategic and marketing focused.

That said the brand and the products I was charged with selling were some of the most exciting in the market and my portfolio of accounts was a great mix with some very interesting characters.  As usual, I put my all into the role and managed to not only increase the majority of the order books for most of my accounts but also open some new desirable accounts whilst closing some less desirable ones.

Although I was deemed as successful in the business I realised that I needed to change course.  I wanted to carry on in sales as I do have a great ability in developing relationships with accounts and working with them to develop their businesses.  However, the issue I had was that the number of accounts within my portfolio was growing resulting in less time being strategic and more time needed for old-school selling.

The logical progression was into national accounts and I thought after 5 years with PUMA it was a good time to move to a new brand for some new adventures.