Mark Mills

Territory Manager

Kelloggs Company


My first role out of university saw me secure a place within the Kellogg’s prestigious graduate programme.  After a few weeks of shadowing a senior territory manager, I was set loose in my first company car to patrol my own patch, the south coast.

I learnt an awful lot during my year with Kellogg’s.  Not only did I learn from one of the slickest sales machines in the world but I also had a steep learning curve as to what corporate life was like.

Although I exceeded all the targets set before me and quickly put myself on the radar of some of the more influential senior management I soon realised that it might not be the right environment for me.  It became clear to me that whatever my professional career would hold in the future it would have to be something I am passionate about.

Those 12 months were influential in my career and enabled me to develop my sales skills considerably.  I gained an understanding of the FMCG industry and learnt a lot about myself.  Although it was not the career for me I don’t regret that first job with Kelloggs as it gave me a great platform to move on from.