Mark Mills

Commercial Consultant



Catapult provides some of the best wearable technology in elite sports and are really pushing the boundaries on the applications for this technology.

They approached me to work on a potential commercial opportunity they had identified with the National Basketball League (NBL) in Australia.  They were keen to explore how the data created through their wearable tech could be commercialised within TV broadcasts.

After a comprehensive study of the current market I was able to develop a solution which would enable them to seize that opportunity.  To convey this effectively I created for them a presentation that both Catapult and the NBL could use to create new sponsorship assets.  It outlined, in detail, how these assets could be executed in the digital, broadcast and in-arena environments.  This included using heartrates to create on-screen graphics during critical moments of the game as well as power meters which showed how hard a player had worked during the game, which was to be displayed on the digital courtside boards.

The feedback from Catapult was strong and my work had enabled them to secure additional commitment from the NBL and explore the expansion of the service offered by Catapult.