Mark Mills

Commercial Consultant

Bradford Dragons


My first collaboration with my new company was assisting Bradford Dragons (Basketball Club) in developing a commercial model that would enable them to achieve their goals.

It wasn’t the easiest of roles as the club had organically grown into a success on the court with very little happening off the court.  I first set about creating a new brand identity that would present the club in a far more professional manner, so much so they are still using that identity to this very day.

Once this was in place I went about the basics of designing them a website fit for purpose and launching key social media channels.  This enabled them, for the first time, to communicate consistently with their fan base.

Alongside these communication advances, I also worked on creating a game night product worthy of an increased ticket price.  This included the introduction of a new match MC/DJ, increased entertainment and the inclusion of a game night concession which, alongside food and beverages, sold a newly created merchandise range.

This worked and the club saw crowds increase and created a revenue stream through game night activities.  This also enabled us to work with local media more effectively and gain greater exposure for the club which assisted in the recruitment of a range of locally based sponsors.

It was an interesting two years working with the club and there are many of the processes that I put in place still being used to this day.  I am proud to have supported a great club with some great people.  I always have half an eye on the Dragons results every weekend.