Mark Mills

Branding Consultant



As with many of my projects I work with passionate business owners who have a vision but not necessarily the experience or skill set to make that vision a reality.

This time the owner of a fastfood outlet in a shopping mall wanted to transfer his existing frozen yoghurt business into a new style of pizza outlet.  Utilising new oven technology he was able to cook fresh pizzas to order in under two minutes.

He was already 100% decided upon the name ‘Pizzaway’ and asked me to create a branding identity and tone of voice.  This was an interesting project as it was my first in the food sector.

Working closely with the business owner I was able to create a branding structure that was strong utilising a vibrant green, orange and grey palette.  I create a portfolio of assets to be used which the business owner was so happy with he asked me to create additional assets for use in store including items such menu screens, loyalty cards and promotional literature.

Due to undercapitalised growth plans the business was unable to establish itself.  This project enabled me to utilise my more creative branding skills in a commercial context.  I still feel that the business model and brand are strong and wouldn’t be surprised if I saw the original business owner sell it on to someone else to resurrect.